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Integration without bias

We are not afraid of uncommon solutions. We are not limited to one operating system. A thirty-year-old Fellows gear shaper which needs modern control attracts us as much as a brand new Allan-Bradley feeder which needs to be integrated with a current system through dedicated interface. A wide range of our interests, experiences and hobbies allows us to solve problems from different branches of technology starting from industrial robots and machine tools, through PLCs, smallest microcontrollers, ARM based solutions, PC class computers (including realtime solutions and OpenGL powered visualisations). We also have some experience in the field of distributed computing, virtualization and mobile platforms.

If your idea is far from well-known solutions, we might be interested even more. If You need to integrate seemingly mismatched tools and technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Code without compromise

A good code does not just work as expected. A good code is also readable, well tested, and easy to modify and extend. In order to achieve that goal we use an agile approach, continuous integration and in-depth automatic testing at various levels. This allows our customer to continuously keep an eye on progress and test proposed solution on site from the very beginning of the project, as well as to make progressive specification or change the initial requirements. The example project aimed to present various tools and techniques used by us during software development is available at Infrastructure tab.

If we write a code for you, as a final product you will receive: source code, tests, documentation, all scripts and tools requiered to build, test and run everything, as well as detailed instructions on how to do that. If you need any improvements or changes in the future you can ask anybody to make them - not neccesairly us.

We don't make our customers dependent on us by means of closed sources or sophisticated licencing (WTFPL is our favourite). Our previous customers come back to us with new ideas not because they have no alternative, but because they want to. They already know that we pursue excellence in everything. Bit by bit.